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Swimming Pool

Laura MacKay
Sonas House
The Fairways 
Isle of Mull
PA75 6PS
Tel: 01688 302304


One of the most attractive and unique features of our house is the Swimming Pool.  Swimming Pools on the island are, at the moment, a rarity.  Our guests have the privilege of enjoying an invigorating early morning swim before breakfast or a relaxing dip during the day to make their stay in Tobermory one of sheer luxury. The pool is not open to the general public and is only available to the family and our guests, so a peaceful swim is guaranteed.

The pool is 30 feet long and is 1.8m deep in the middle.  The pool room, which is an integral part of the house, is heated and remains at a constant 30 degrees C. throughout the year.

Even in the winter gales and rain, the pool is a small, but very significant oasis.  If swimming is an important part of your health regime, then Sonas is the place to stay.

We would like you to enjoy using the pool and to avoid accidents we ask you to accept and understand the reasons for the following

1.   No one should swim alone, there is no life guard on duty.
2.   Times of use are 7 a.m-7p.m
3.   No food or drinks are allowed in the pool or changing room area.
4.   No sharp items should be taken into the pool.
5.   For safety we lock the pool door i
n the evening and re-open at 7 a.m. for guests   wishing to have an early morning swim before breakfast.
6.  Guests will be asked to sign an indemnity that they swim at their own risk.


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